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The Šafran Vinery

The Šafran Vinery developed from this family's tradition of several centuries in vine cultivation and wine production.

In line with technological developments in the field of wine production, the vinery is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for processing the grapes, fermentation and maturing of wine and for wine storage. The technological aspects of wine production and wine maturing are fully separated, in that one part of the vinery is used for processing the grapes and wine fermentation, in line with state of the art methods and under the constant supervision of enologists and wine makers, and a special part of the cellar is dedicated to wine maturing in stainless steel and wooden barrels. The total capacity of the vinery is 500,000 litres.

Within the winery, there is a bottling plant with an internal laboratory for the control of must and wine. The upper part of the building has rooms for wine tasting and offices.


Vinarija Šafran

Vinarija ŠafranVinarija ŠafranVinarija ŠafranVinarija Šafran