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The Šafran Winery has a hall that can be used for meetings or seminars, which seats up to 60 persons. We are also able to organise receptions for you.

Yellow Muscat

This sort is also known as Moscato Giallo, Moscat, Moscatel, Moscato Siro etc. It belongs to a great "family" of Muscat wines that originates from the Middle East, from where they spread across the Mediterranean, and later also into other parts of the world.
It is of medium exuberance, and it achieves excellent yields on calcareous, porous and warm soils, on a hilly landscape oriented towards the south and exposed to warmth. It has a good and regular yield and moderate resistance to plant diseases. The clusters are medium-sized and compact, with round berries that are shiny green in colour with a shade of yellow at the beginning of the ripening process, and when they reach technological ripeness, the side exposed to the sun turns amber yellow.

In the climate of north-western Croatia, with a moderate quantity of fertile grape buds, it reaches a sugar content of 18 - 22 percent, and 7.0 - 8 g/l of total acid.

The wines are savoury, of light greenish-golden colour, often with residual sugar, harmonious, with the expressed aroma of Muscat. Depending on the year, wines may be produced in all categories of quality, from dry to light, from predicate wines to wines with an expressed aroma.
They are served in a smaller type of a white wine glass, and go excellently with all kinds of fruit cakes and desserts.

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