Organised visits

The Šafran Winery has a hall that can be used for meetings or seminars, which seats up to 60 persons. We are also able to organise receptions for you.

Pinot gris

This variety is also known as Burgundac gris. Its most common, French title is Pinot gris.
This variety comes from France and is a mutant of Pinot rouge. There are many other clones of this variety.

It can flourish in different types of soil, but it does not like heavy damp or chalk soil, and it grows best in a moderate climate with good but not too warm exposure. The grapes are from light blue to greyish pink in colour and are subject to botrytis.
The creation of the white wine produces a straw yellow colour with a hint of pink, its flavour is fruity, and with age it develops the finest bouquet.

It is served at 11-13o with fish, for instance grilled sardines, and goes especially well with more greasy fish, pasta, risotto and roast white meat.

Vinarija Šafran