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The Šafran Winery has a hall that can be used for meetings or seminars, which seats up to 60 persons. We are also able to organise receptions for you.


The correct name for this sort would be Sauvignon Blanc, and it is also referred to as Muškatni Silvanac, Blanc Fumé, Surin, Savagnin, Genetin, Spergolina, Pellegrina.
This sort originates from the south-west of France, and it is cultivated a lot in the Bordeaux region of Sauterns, and also in the Loire River Valley. There is a legend related to this wine: King Henry IV of Navarre lived in France between 1553-1660. Allegedly, when he was a baby, his grandfather first rubbed his lips with garlic and then gave him a spoonful of Sauvignon. Later, Henry the IV was allegedly known as a great connoisseur of Sauvignon.
It is a very demanding sort, and thrives on fertile, not too dry soils, on south-facing slopes with sufficient humidity. The grapes ripen late, around mid October.
The wine is light, yellow-green in colour, and the late harvest wines are gold-yellow. The characteristics of this wine very much depend on the position of the vineyard and the year. The bouquet frequently contains a touch of elder or grass, and the taste is full and fresh.

It is served at about 10o C, in what is called a Riesling glass, along with seafood dishes, asparagus, white fish, cheese strudels and pies, feathered game, and semi-hard goat's and sheep's milk cheeses. The predicate Sauvignon will go well with goose or duck liver, and with nutty cakes.

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