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Gewürtztraminer (Aromatic Traminac)

Some believe that this Traminac is a clone of red Traminac, whilst others say that it is a separate variety known as Gewürtztraminer which is spread around the world. Still others say that it was developed from white Traminac by a mutation of the buds. There are even various stories about where it originates from - one tells that it originated from the southern Tyrol and that it was named after the place Tramin, but others say that it came from Alsace in France. It is interesting that in English there is no word for this wine, but it is called by its German name: Gewürtztraminer (gewürtz - spice). This variety grows in higher hilly areas and at higher altitudes. On lower hills it does well in sandy and permeant soils in areas with a moderate climate. The grapes are greyish red in colour.

The wine is straw yellow to golden yellow in colour with a strong specific aroma characteristic for Traminac. Sommeliers, when describing Traminac often do not mention fruit nor flowers, they simply say that it is typical Traminac. If they do want to go into more detail they say that in the bouquet they can sense the fragrance of roses and fruit. It is well balanced and very fine.

It is served in Chardonnay glasses at 10-12o. It is surprising that it even goes very well with strongly spiced food, such as Indian or Chinese cuisine, but it tastes best when drunk with ice-cream and desserts which are not too sweet.

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