Organised visits

The Šafran Winery has a hall that can be used for meetings or seminars, which seats up to 60 persons. We are also able to organise receptions for you.

Red Šafran Wine

VRed Šafran wine is a table wine made by blending three varieties of grapes - Blauberger, St. Laurent and Portugieser. Each of these grapes, by the quality of their processing and classical vinification for red wine has given our red Šafran wine the best qualities of each variety. Blauberger is a grape which stems back to 1923, arising from the crossing of Portugieser and Frankovka, and it gives this wine its beautiful dark red colour and the aroma of berries. St. Laurent is a variety which bears a great deal of fruit and is blended with Cviček or Metlika red.

In Croatia there are no major plantations of this variety. Portugieser is probably the best known wine in this coupage. Due to its usually low alcohol content and lower total acid level, the wine is placed on sale immediately after fermentation is complete and it has been transferred to new barrels, or it is blended with other, stronger, coloured red wines, as in this case.

Its bouquet has hints of berry fruits and pepper, and its aroma is reminiscent of strawberries, blackberries, like Frankovka. It is served at room temperature or slightly chilled at 16-18 oC, and it goes well with dark meats, game, mushrooms, light goulash and the like.

Vinarija Šafran